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Asking a consultant to help to "organize", it's traditionnally asking him some help to answer the question "how ?", when a new objective has been chosen by a company (or an administration). In my case, it will be :

how to decrease the energy consumption

how to emit less greenhouse gases

It is of course seldom possible to answer this question without coming back a little on the precise definition of the goal (what exactely are we looking for ?), a process generally labelled as "strategy advising".

As I find this expression very pompous, I never claim that I advise on the strategy, even when it is part of what I do, when I try to convince some people to take greenhouse gases emissions into the set of objectives. I'd rather call this "organization" too.

In my field missions can deal with very diverse cases, but there are generally common background elements :

thinking on the best way (or the "least bad") to conciliate the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions with the existing business,

helping to set up objectives regarding the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions,

helping to adapt the company to achieve the pbjectives : new procedures, creation of new structures if necessary, seting up of a precise agenda, etc,

In a previous life, I had the luck (or the bad luck !) to have a close look on legal aspects, acounting, human resource management, etc, through directing for three years a small company (35 people). This is a precious experience to avoid today to recommend pure nonsense, or to identify quickly what might go wrong in a given situation.

A couple of examples of jobs that fit in the "organization" category :

reflexion on the medium and long terme evolution of the activity given the "climate constraint" (dematerialization and "decarbonization" of the activity) : impact on the products, the choice of suppliers, the markets (because of the required transportation), the materials used, etc,

how to have less transportation or use lower "carbon intensive" means,

how the employees can come to work using less fossil fuel,

how the offices can be organized differently (energy consumption in the buildings)


Examples of situations I had to deal with and that are linked to climate change :

Realization of the carbon inventories of several companies or administrations,

Recommandations to achieve a decrease on the short, medium and long term.


Examples of situations I had to deal with in a previous life not devoted to environment :

Organizing the conversion to telework of a fraction of the employees of a small service company,

Re-organizing a distribution network.

Advice for the first fund raising campaign of the alumni of Ecole Polytechnique,

Help for the creation of a subsidy common to a university and a telecommunication company

Re-organizing the public relations departement of an engineering school



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