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Oil, gas, coal, et al.: getting started

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first online edition: August 2011

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Oil and co
How do oil, gas and coal get created ?
What is an oil reserve ?
Using oil ? But what for ?
Why has it been 40 years that we have "40 years of oil" ?
What does "producing" oil look like ?
What is "non conventional" oil ?
Peak oil ? Did it already happen for someone ?


Gas & co
What is a gas reserve ?
Using gas ? But what for ?
Is gas a miracle energy ?
What is "non conventional" gas ?
What is "producing gas" exactely ?
Peak gas ? Did it already happen somewhere ?


Coal & co
What is a coal reserve ?
Producing coal: what is it about ?
Using coal ? But what for ?
How dangerous is coal ?
What is "liquid coal" ?
Did coal production already peak somewhere ?


Oil and economy
Buying an oil product: who gets how much money ?
How has the price of oil evolved over time ?
Is the price of any energy following the price of oil ?
Is the price of oil dictating the state of the economy ?


(An attempt to) foreseeing the future
When does the world oil production peak ?
When does the world gas production peak ?
When does the world coal production peak ?
How much will oil cost ?


Fossil fuels and climate change
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