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Environnement : Facts, figures, and quick calculations



Man and the climate

Global warming: All is here!

Man and oil, gas & co

Fossil fuels: All is here!

Man and atoms (that split)

Nuclear energy: All is here!


We all want a job, all want a raise, and sometimes we want energy savings. Can we get all at the same time? (August 2013)

Though we pay it every month or so, do we know why electricity costs what it costs and not something else? (August 2013)

Our German friends have begun their "energy transition". What does the available data tells us regarding the preliminary results? (August 2013)

We all know that analyzing the past is sometimes useful to discuss the future. In this respect, here is a couple of long series for a numer of countries or zones (August 2013)

We are all in favour of the "energy transition", of course ! But are we all thinking of the same thing? (August 2012)

What is energy exactely? (August 2011)

Could the economy stop growing? Of course not, says the economist! Why not, wonders the "physical economist"? (August 2011)

Will we be able to keep our jobs when the price of the barrel surges? (August 2005)

I am not paid by the government to say so, but I do: let there be taxes! (August 2005)

Looking at my energy consumption, I could say: "boy, I am quite a slave master"! (August 2005)

Is there "too little oil for global warming"? Well, yes and no... (October 2004)

Do energy savings mostly consist in efficient light bulbs? (August 2004)

Do renewable energies mostly consist of wind power? (October 2003)

Is it easy to store energy? (February 2003)

What role did I play in the national debate on energy? (January 2003)

Could we live as today with just renewable energy? (August 2002)

What is exactely the share of electricity in France's energy consumption? (June 2002)

Discussion on a couple of common statements on nuclear energy (January 2002)

What is the "true cost of energy" ? (July 2001)

Did nuclear energy kill renewables ? (June 2001)

What would an "energetically vertuous" world look like? (April 2001)

Could we produce France's electricity with wind power? (February 2001)

Could we produce France's electricity with solar panels? And with biomass ? (February 2001)

What can we expect from fuell cells ? (January 2001)

How much fossil fuels may we use if we want to stop perturbing the climate? (October 2000)

Could we totally substitute oil by biofuels ? (October 2000)

What does it represent to cut our consumption by 2 in 20 years? (May 2000)

Is gas a miracle energy? (April 2000)




Should we encourage the growth of air trafic ? (june 2004)

Could we replace all cars by trains ? (december 2003)

Is the electric car an ideal solution for tomorrow's mobility? (august 2000)

Doing without car for daily life, is it possible? (june 2000)



Is there an "environmentally friendly" tourism? (june 2004)

What was there in the famous "Report to the Club of Rome"? (february 2003)

Is sustainable development useful? (december 2002)

Is the "polluter payer" principle a real principe? (september 2002)

They are ecologists without knowing it... (april 2002)

What value have forecasts? (january 2002)

How much is the planet worth? (september 2001)

Are nature lovers necessarily ecologists ? (june 2001)

Could we all eat organic? (january 2001)

A couple of dead-ends linked to our present "developpement" (august 2000)

Urbanization: a couple of figures on the french situation, and a little prolongation of trends (june 2000).


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