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The corsican autonomists : here are some true ecologists !

december 2003

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What do the ecologists movements generally look for ?

the preservation of natural spaces,

a diminution of nuisances of all kind linked to our modern civilization (noise, various emissions resulting from road trafic, pollution from industries, etc)

if possible, putting a halt to any project (commercial centers, highways, plants, real estate programs...) that does not comply with the first two objectives.

Well, seen under that angle, one must recognize that coriscans autonomists behave in perfect accordance with all these objectives :

by creating an atmosphere not very favourable to economic investments, they contribute, in the same time, to the preservation of their island from the nuisances necessarily attached to the "economic development" : no industrial investment, it is the insurance not to have any polluting industry, any flow of trucks, any noise, industrial accidents, etc, and no investment in services companies, it is also less road and air trafic !

by contributing to giving of Corsica the image of a "country of mad people" - and by blowing up a little something here and there, from time to time, to be sure that everyone remembers it - they also seriously deter investments in tourism, well it is likely that without this deterrence, the corsican coast would ressemble today the "côte d'Azur", for which the preservation of nature is not precisely a leading trend,

Urbanization of a portion of the "côte d'Azur" in 1960

Urbanization of the same place in 1990 (dark spots correspond to new urban areas).

more generally speaking, the fact of not having Corsica become a new Baleares has seriously limited the nuisances attached to tourism :

a tourist is a moving person (therefore feeding the transportation inflation), travelling by plane if need be, when air trafic is not precisely the most respectful travel means regarding the environment (see this page for a practical example), or using a car, and then willingly asking for large highways in order not to be stuck in the trafic jams. These same highways will then be used for developping road transport by truck during the rest of the year, and the same tourist, putting on his "neighbour" jacket, will then actively protest against the very same highways during the rest of the year,

if he feel comfortable in the place he visits and has enough money for that, the tourist will contribute to the rise of real estate prices, what will contribute to a growing urbanization (and incidentally will prevent the local people, that often can't afford it, to become owners in their own homeland, what can be seen in many regions in the south of France),

if he likes sailing (which is my case), the tourist will lead to building harbours, that are not always beneficial to the shore,

the tourist willingly harvests rare flowers, willingly throws waste everywhere, and the list could go on : without the slightest will of being a nasty destroyer, the tourist ineluctably exerts a serious pressure on the environnement. The regions "saved" by a tourism that would have allowed to finance some kind of restoration of nature are totally marginal compared to all the places that toursim has efficiently contributed to degrade from an environmental point of view.

even corsican agriculture is very respectful of the environnement : cows wander in the mountain, where they peacefully graze, instead of eating non stop maize or wheat coming from intensive agriculture that will have polluted a lot !

Well, in short corsican autonomists are authentic ecologists, since they do all that they can to preserve there island in its present state. Not knowing any, I don't know whether preserving natural spaces is part of their declared objectives, but their behaviour should bring them the sympathy of any "official" ecologist movements.

Of course, a couple of deaths are associated to this successful policy, but one could say that having avoided a couple of industrial accidents or nasty roads accidents (because of less trucks) gives a balanced result ! So, in order to protect the environment the most efficient way, it seems that creating an autonomist movement is an option to consider very seriously......


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