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They are ecologists without necessarily knowing it....

december 2003

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Ecology can have two definitions :

that of the paper, for which it is often sufficient, to deserve this adjective, that one declares to be so, no matter then what the individual does or suggest practically, and even if his suggestions or individual acts are totally contradictory with the opinions supported,

the recommandation, for himself as for others, of ways to behave that lead, in the facts, to a lesser presssure on the environment.

I have chosen to illustrate how it is possible, just like a character of Moliere (Monsieur Jourdain) that was writing prose without knowing it, to be an ecologist withouyt even thinking of being one, by advocating a behaviour or acting in such a way that the consequence is a better preserved environment (and sometimes the goal is very far from wanting to preserve the environment !).


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