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October 2004

Is there "too little oil for global warming" ? A paper discussing this point (and more generally the "plausibility of emission scenarios), to be published in "Journal de Physique - proceedings", volume 121, January 2005


May 2004

It is not really an article, but as I had to write down a text to be sure to fit in the time I was allocated, I might as well share it with all those that will see the movie : here is a little address given during the presentation of the movie "The Day After" to the french press.


March 2004

Renovating ancient housing, a widely unknown action possibility against climate change, published in march 2004 in the french paper Les Echos


June 2003

Energy and sustainable development, published in july 2003 in the review of the Palais de la Découverte not translated yet


January 2003

Discussing a couple of common statements on nuclear energy, wrote in june 2002, is published in the french review "Le Débat".


Novembre 2002

A little article on the "liberalization "of the electricity markets published in l'Expansion


September 2002

A letter on the hydrogen, "miracle energy", published in the reader's section of Le Monde


June 2002

Reducing the greenhouse gases emissions : the magnitude of the challenge, an article published in the Annales des Mines not translated yet


June 2002

Are we going towards a climate shock ? A short article published in "20 Minutes"


March 2002

Publication of L'Avenir Climatique : quel temps ferons nous ? (our climatic future : what weather will we make ?), Le Seuil not translated yet


March 2002

Prayer for a teaching of environment matters at the ENA ; a little article pulished in march 2002 in the magazine l'Expansion.


October 2001

Hervé Le Treut, director of the Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique, and your humble servant publish L'Effet de Serre (allons-nous changer le climat ?). You can consult here the table of contents and published critics. not translated yet


May 2001

Energy and choice of life", published in december 2001 in the review of the Palais de la Découverte.

Tradable permits in transportation, published in Annales de la Stratégie de la SNCF


July 2000

By wishing the withdrawal from nuclear energy, Germany is living in the wrong world, published in Les Echos in july 2000


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