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24 December 2015: I have updated the page on countries that have passed the peak for oil production. Update of the page on hydroelectricity and the page on the contribution of wind to the overall energy consumption

24 December 2015: I have updated the page with long series on energy and some extras

24 December 2015: I have updated the page on countries that have passed the peak for gas production

24 August 2015: While a significant fraction of the world sees its economy "slow down", I have updated with recent statistics my page on the link between energy and the GDP

15 August 2015: I have updated - with recent statistics - the page on the German energy transition

21 August 2013: would hydroelectricity be our silver bullet? A page discussing what we can expect from this energy

20 August 2013: a big update on the page presenting the historical emissions of greenhouse gases

18 August 2013: my energy slaves got a (big) update! As the page discussing whether wind is an essential part of the renewable energy supply

17 August 2013: we all want jobs, we all want a raise when we have a job, and a growing number of people are favourable to energy savings. But is it possible to have it all?

16 August 2013: our German friends have decided to go for their "energy transition". We know - if we read the paper - what politicians and various militants say, but it is sometimes interesting to look at what figures say. Here's an attempt!

16 August 2013: electricity is cheap! No, electricity is horribly expensive! Well, would there be a "true price" for electricity?

16 August 2013: I have updated my pages on oil use, gas use, coal use, countries that have passed their production peak for gas, gas reserves, oil reserves, the connection between the price of oil and the price of other fossil fuels, the past price of oil.

13 August 2013: I have updated - with recent figures - my long page on the "energy transition" we need in Europe.

13 August 2013: I have updated - with recent figures - the oil production series for countries that are post-peak... or not.

7 August 2013: When discussing future evolutions of energy availability, having the past in mind might be helpful. Here's a couple of long series on a number of countries.

27 August 2012: We are all in favour of the energy transition, aren't we? But are we all thinking of the same thing, expecting the same benefits, and ready to accept the same consequences?

27 August 2012: I did it! My section on oil, coal and gas - initially written in French - has been fully translated in English, just in case the English speaking part of the world couldn't live without it :-)

4 February 2012: You all thought that economic growth came from investments and political will, right? Well, a thourough look at our productive system suggests that energy plays also a little role...

4 February 2012: Are electric cars the silver bullet for future transportation?

29 december 2011: Could it be that the normal state of the economy is not to grow? Well, for classical economists absolutely not, but for "physical economists", the answer might be different!

29 august 2011: There is not only climate change in life. Fossil fuels matter a little also! (translation partially in progress)

29 august 2011: After having written on it for a number of years, it was about time I asked: what is energy exactely?

22 august 2011: I have updated the page on the consequences of climate change on agricultural production, taking into account the results of a recent study published in Science.

4 september 2007: Updates, again! Page on the ocean rise, on whether some warming has occurred already, and on the acceptable "quota per individual" that we must not trespass to stop (later on) climate change, on the trust that we should put in models, and on extreme events.

30 august 2007: Hard to keep up with the news... Following the release of the IPCC 4th assessment report, I have managed to update the page on carbon sinks, the page on models, the page on greenhouse gases, on their atmospheric increase, and the page on oil reserves (but not as consequence of the IPCC work!).

28 january 2006: Truly great novel, in spite that it's truly lousy science: reading notes on Michael Crichton's State of Fear

3 january 2006: I have added a couple of interesting figures on the page dealing with energy savings

28 august 2005: When we consider the "fossil fuels dead-end", the way out bears a very simple name: taxes !

28 august 2005: Slavery would be over? Well, if we consider our energy consumption, not really!

28 august 2005: Is the Earth warming up, since we just had a rotten summer? Be careful not to mix up weather and climate!

28 august 2005: Many elected leader believe that they can significantly influence the course of the economy. Well, according to statistics, I am very much afraid that they come far behind the price of the oil barrel...

28 august 2005: Are methane hydrates the miracle source of energy that will make the upcoming oil shortage a minor event, or some "climate monster" that just awaits to squeeze humanity in its claws?

11 january 2005: If someone says "ocean", in this early 2005 you might think "tsunami". But won't our remote descendants, in 2205, think "acid lake"?

10 january 2005: I have significantly updated my page questionning whether "economic growth" can be combined with a decrease in greenhouse gases emissions. I am not sure the answer can be an easy yes.....

22 november 2004: Now that Russia has joined in, I have somewhat modified the page on international negociations

21 november 2004: Our planet has already experienced 5 degrees (Celsius) extra compared to today, but it requires to go back to the tertiary era!

1 november 2004: I have significantly updated my page on climate change and health.

9 october 2004: Is there "too little oil for global warming"? A paper discussing this point (and others), to be published in "Journal de Physique - proceedings".

12 august 2004: Let's be a little politically incorrect: are nature lovers necessarily ecologists?

11 august 2004: Does an "eco-friendly" tourism basically consist in picking up one's litter when travelling?

10 august 2004: Sure thing, oil is a renewable energy....if we can wait a couple million years!

9 august 2004: 16% or 32%? What is exactely the share of nuclear energy in France's energy consumption ?

8 august 2004: I translated a page discussing whether nuclear energy, in France, "killed" the development of renewable energies

7 august 2004: A little article published in 2001 and suggesting that our future elite be better informed about environmental issues

7 august 2004: A little article published in 2002 and asking whether "opening the markets" is a good idea regarding electricity

7 august 2004: Translation of the page: is there a true cost of energy?

6 august 2004: I translated a chronicle published in march 2004 and asking for ambitious insulation measures in ancient housing

6 august 2004: Do energy savings mostly consist in low consumption light bulbs?

5 august 2004: If I get through this without a single mortal ennemy, it will be surprising: a little discussion on the difficulties that media have to correctly account for the climate change file.

4 august 2004: The latest doom prophet regarding climate change is....Tocqueville !

30 june 2004: I updated my page explaining that it is pointless to invoke "the economy" to justify that we should not act against climate change

18 june 2004: I updated my page on oil reserves, with two interesting graphs on ultimate reserves.

12 june 2004: Is the future climate going to produce more record hot days, and will stop including record cold days? Interesting question, indeed...

31 may 2004: Is hydrogen a miracle energy? A letter published by the french paper "Le Monde" replying to an article of Jeremy Rifkin.

30 may 2004: A couple of figures on the potential of solar energy

28 may 2004: Is sustainable development of any use?

27 may 2004: Is the "polluter-payer" principle a true principle?

26 may 2004: A little calculation on what happens if we prolongate the present trends regarding urbanization in France

13 may 2004: At last, I have translated the page on what constitutes my main professionnal activity: assessing greenhouse gases emissions. Here is everything you never dared to ask on the Carbon Inventory, an assessing methodology and tool I set up for the French environment agency

3 may 2004: I have been invited, which is a supreme honour, to give a short speech just before the presentation to the french press of the movie "The Day After". As I don't have the slightest doubt that this address will shortly eclipse that of Chirac in Johannesburg in 2002, I have reproduced the text here.

3 april 2004: Is man the only cause of climate change? Well, no, but be careful not to mix up up time scales, or magnitudes of various contributions...

25 march 2004: How much greenhouse gases in our plate? Much more than you think......

25 march 2004: Suppose we wanted to, could we all eat organic?

24 march 2004: Is economic growth causing climate change? Bad news: it might well be.....

7 march 2004: I added, in the page on marine currents and climate change, some reading notes on the "Pentagon report", which explains to Bush that he should be more preoccupied by climate change than by Bin Ladin (or almost!).

6 march 2004: Do renewable energies mostly consist of wind power?

12 january 2004: A couple of images added to the page: will we get more hurricanes and extreme events?

5 january 2004: Is nuclear energy the mother of all sins? Discussing a couple of common statements on nuclear energy, a long article published in the french magazine "Le Debat"

4 january 2004: How much oil is left underground? Well, this is an interesting question....

2 january 2004: Is wind power the promise of a brave new world?

2 january 2004: Could we replace all gasoline by biofuels? An interesting little calculation...

2 january 2004: It is of common belief to consider that renewable energies are perfect. But could we live as today with just renewable energies?

2 january 2004: Energy and choice of life, an article published in december 2001 in the "revue du Palais de la Découverte".

2 january 2004: Aren't the corsican autonomists true ecologists?

2 january 2004: Is Coffe (a famous french food critic) a genuine ecologist?

30 december 2003: Was the Club of Rome totally out of his mind? Some - long - reading notes of the famous report to the Club of Rome on the limits to growth

27 december 2003: Are Americans the kings of evil regarding climate change?

26 december 2003: A little parallel on tobacco and climate change...

26 december 2003: We are generally afraid by the figures regarding what we should do to mitigate climate change. How fast can we decrease our energy consumption?

1st december 2003: I completed my page on ozone with a couple of figures that are not necessarily good news!

15 September 2003: Is it easy to store energy ? A good question for the future....

11 September 2003: There is a frenzy for hydrogen today, but are fuel cells the ideal solution for the future?

5 September 2003: Is gas a miracle energy?

September 2003: the climate change section opens up!

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